From late October 2015 to mid 2016 members of the Question4 team have been in Papua New Guinea working with Oxfam to respond to the needs of some of the 2.4 million people affected by the El Nino induced drought. Responding to the ever changing needs of people affected by a slow onset emergency of this type is incredibly challenging.  It requires constant community engagement and evaluation  of the effectiveness and appropriateness of the activities being undertaken to help people address both their immediate and longer term needs. In early September Clive will return to PNG to work with Oxfam and local partners to help evaluate the effectiveness of work conducted over the last 9 months. Doing so is a critical part of Question 4’s commitment to ensuring we learn from what we do, so that we can provide a better service next time.  Its also an essential part of continuing to build long term relationships with local partners who we hope to support to develop their capacity to support their communities in the long term.