Why Question 4?

In a dynamic world we always need to be conscious that as we plan for a particular event or project that the situation around us might be changing and that our carefully developed plan might need to change to reflect those changes. It may even need to be thrown away and started again.

A horrible thought but one one you can’t ignore.  That is why at the core of military planning is a question that sums that up.

Has the Situation Changed? If it has do we need to plan again? If it hasn’t might it change? If so when and how would it change?

This question is the forth of four questions in military mission analysis, a process drilled into soldiers across the world and which has been adopted by many organisations working in complex environments.

With our background in this area we just felt we had to call ourselves Question 4.  It sums up our desire to always be evaluating what we are doing and what our clients need so that we can provide them with the best possible support.





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